Easter is my favourite time of year – a long weekend to pause and contemplate the road ahead | Paul Daley

It’s a time to be together, but without the urgency and freneticism that Christmas brings

On the eve of the Easter holiday I always feel as if the Australian tempo takes a welcome shift down a gear or two.

The year is just a quarter over. Already there is always an intense weariness in the air. This year, like the last, you can add to that a liberal dose of trepidation.

It is high time Bathurst council respected traditional owners' wishes and found another site for a go-kart track | Paul Daley

The imposition of the track on a sacred women’s site would be in contempt of local Indigenous sensibility, culture and millennia of Aboriginal history

Given the global outrage and corporate shame stemming from the destruction of precious Indigenous heritage at Juukan Gorge, you’d think any organisation poised to damage sacred Aboriginal property might be experiencing a little cautionary soul-searching.

Albanese’s remarkable words on the frontier wars should have been said at the war memorial | Paul Daley

The Labor leader’s assertion of the historical ‘holes in national memory’ around frontier violence and resistance is commendable and important

Ever since Australian troops fought under a British flag in the disastrous Gallipoli invasion and retreat, mainstream national politics has been beset with historical memory loss.

Prominent Collingwood members want serious reform of the board after the racism revelations | Paul Daley

Influential business people associated with the AFL club say now is the time to bring in 21st century skills and experience

Elizabeth Proust grew up in Sydney as a proud supporter of what was then the Balmain Tigers rugby league club.

When she moved to Melbourne and married Brian Lawrence in 1972, she passionately adopted his Collingwood Football Club as her own. As a Collingwood supporter and member she has been dismayed by the episodic flare-ups of racism against Indigenous people and those of colour that have shamed her club.

Collingwood's racist past has finally caught up with its present – and its president | Paul Daley

Eddie McGuire’s response to the Do Better report shows he has not learned, and should be replaced

As gold rush money fuelled the ever-expanding Melbourne of the 1850s, remnants of Wurundjeri people, decimated by disease, starvation and violent dispossession, were still to be found on a vast expanse of woodland and pasture down by the Yarra in Abbotsford.

Australia's air attacks in the Middle East ended three years ago – or did they? | Paul Daley

Defence is refusing to provide details about the Australians piloting deadly British air force drone strikes in Iraq and Syria

Australian air attacks on enemy ground targets in the Middle East ended three years ago. Or so the Australian military told us.

But undisclosed to either the Australian public or the federal parliament, this country’s air force personnel have been piloting deadly British air force drone strikes on enemy combatants in Iraq and Syria.

Amid the false history over 26 January, it pays to consider what Australia was really built on | Paul Daley

Trolls and Indigenous-baiters got a gift from the PM this year, but in the midst of all the stories you’ll hear today it is real history that matters most

As the Australian summer yawns into late January and the first hint of russet kisses the treetops, languor quickly gives way to pain and anger as that day comes around. You could set your calendar by that fusillade of incendiary, hurtful words that inevitably comes in defence of marking a national day on the date that ushered in Indigenous dispossession.

WHO worries that Melbourne University’s links to arms industry will threaten joint medical research

The World Health Organization has ethical concerns about the university’s collaboration with nuclear weapons maker Lockheed Martin

The University of Melbourne’s links with nuclear weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin are compromising collaborations between the institution’s global-leading infectious disease researchers and the World Health Organization.

The bedrock of our hope in 2021 and beyond must be political engagement | Paul Daley

We must go into the new year impelled by hope, because to dwell on 2020 and all its terrors and anxieties is to surrender to darkness

Those whose rhythms align with the Gregorian calendar are counting down the last weeks and days of December and putting pen, actual or figurative, to next year’s planner.