As I prepare to watch my Magpies play, I ponder history and family, football and life | Paul Daley

Win or lose this Saturday, to me and thousands of other fiercely tribal Collingwood fans it will be about so much more than the game

Whenever I glance up from the desk here in Sydney my eye is drawn to two copies of century-plus-old faded and framed photographs on the wall of my study.

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Colonial Australia’s foundation is stained with the profits of British slavery | Paul Daley

A dive into the hidden histories of Australia’s early settlers shows the country wasn’t just built on the sheep’s back

As the decades shed ever more light on colonialism’s brutal treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Australia has sought reassurance that at least, unlike Britain and America, our history is not marred with the heinous stain of the Caribbean and African slave trade.

"Wholesale massacre": Carl Feilberg exposed the ugly truth of the Australian frontier | Paul Daley

The real ‘settler’ and pioneering stories of Feilberg’s Queensland were confronting and frightening

During his short life Danish-born Carl Feilberg risked more than any other Australian journalist or author to expose the brutality against Indigenous people on the ultra-violent Queensland colonial frontier of the late 19th century.

A death threat stuck on a piece of rubbish? That's too much even for the trash detectives | Paul Daley

Until I saw the note stapled to a rusty old drying rack, I had thought my neighbourhood was quite safe

A few weeks ago when I was walking down near the ferry terminal, a peaceful place where I like to go with my labrador Ronda and watch the boats, I saw this message attached to a piece of discarded household junk.

If you don’t move your rubbish from here
I know where you live
and I will kill you

A U-turn on the road to redemption: Craig Minogue and the Russell Street bombing | Paul Daley

The 1986 fatal bombing of Melbourne’s police headquarters is taking centre stage in an electoral law and order tussle and raising potent questions

Thirty years ago this month, Craig Minogue, a 23-year-old on a hard criminal track, was convicted of murdering policewoman Angela Rose Taylor in the Easter 1986 bombing of Melbourne’s Russell Street police headquarters.

Turnbull's rise was inevitable. But a devil's deal meant so too was his fall | Paul Daley

When he toppled Abbott he bargained with the jackals of the right, and they stayed at his door

It was never going to end with a whimper.

The finale of Malcolm Bligh Turnbull’s political career was always going to happen with an explosive bang. And while the nation observes this week’s Liberal self-immolation with equal parts exasperation and morbid horror, the pyrotechnics have been characteristically Turnbull-ian as the PM audaciously demanded the mutineers unmask in return for his banishment.

White supremacy was the mainstay of Australian federation. Little has changed | Paul Daley

Fraser Anning, as well as sections of the media and parliament, continue a long tradition of racist rhetoric in Australia

It was heartening to see federal parliament roundly condemn the latest psephological boundary rider to demand national attention with an inflammatory Senate speech invoking the worst crimes of the Holocaust, praising the white Australia policy and proposing a ban on migration for Muslims.

I hope that by staying home I have shown my kids that there is another way | Paul Daley

The benefits of being my children’s primary carer have been large, but I’d be lying if I said they’d come easily

Back at my primary school only two dads ever came to pick their kids up.

They were conspicuous because they stood together, well away from the mums, even though they probably didn’t have anything much in common beyond the obvious fact they were always the only fellas waiting for their offspring at the school gates.

Life doesn’t feel easier than 20 years ago. And maybe that’s a good thing | Paul Daley

Ageing motivates me to strive with ever greater enthusiasm and urgency to be better at the things that are important to me

It came as a surprise to me that the midlife crisis is something of a myth and the less time I’ve got left the happier I’ll apparently become.