October 2014

Albany's Anzac centenary spectacle promises to be majestic ... and contested

The Western Australian city is re-enacting the departure of Australian and New Zealand troops to the first world war. With Gallipoli centenary commemorations looming, not all agree about the way the Anzac legacy is presented

Albany, the harbour town at the centre of Anzac centenary commemorations – video

Indigenous personnel who fought for Australia deserve their monument in Canberra | Paul Daley

Indigenous people who’ve participated in conflicts involving Australia are not about to win a specific monument on the grounds of the war memorial any time soon – a real shame

Do Indigenous Australian military personnel warrant a monument to their service at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra?

I think so. Here’s why.

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Australia's defining moments: a great conversation-starter for our entire nation | Paul Daley

Tony Abbott sees the arrival of the first fleet as Australia’s defining moment. Other Australians disagree: they want it to be archaeological evidence of the first people 52,000 years ago

In late August, Tony Abbott launched a National Museum of Australia initiative to identify the defining moments in this country’s history.

Predictably perhaps, and controversially, the Anglophile Abbott nominated the arrival of the first fleet on 26 January, 1788, as the defining moment in this continent’s history.

How Jonathan Franzen almost stopped me writing my novel | Paul Daley

Paul Daley tells how he nearly walked away from his tale set in Canberra after one of his favourite authors came to town preaching against political fiction

Jonathan Franzen. What a bastard. Thanks to him, about this time three years ago I seriously considered walking away from the novel I had been writing for a year (and contemplating for many more).