Collingwood's racist past has finally caught up with its present – and its president | Paul Daley

Eddie McGuire’s response to the Do Better report shows he has not learned, and should be replaced

As gold rush money fuelled the ever-expanding Melbourne of the 1850s, remnants of Wurundjeri people, decimated by disease, starvation and violent dispossession, were still to be found on a vast expanse of woodland and pasture down by the Yarra in Abbotsford.

It was their land. Yet speculator John Dight was permitted to buy sections of it from the colonial government. A few of the traditional owners managed to coexist with Dight’s stock for another 30 or so years until the land was subdivided around a large sporting ground – Victoria Park.

A growing band of people are coalescing around moves to oust Eddie McGuire

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